Obama Voices Strong Support for Immigration Reform

Obama’s Support for Immigration Reform: Fairfax Immigration Lawyers Weigh In

In a speech issued from the White House today, President Obama offered his strongest support yet for the passage of immigration reform. The President stated “[t]here is no good reason to play procedural games or to engage in obstruction just to block the best chance we’ve had in years to address this problem in a way that’s fair to middle-class families, to business owners, to legal immigrants.”

It is thought that lead negotiators from both parties have asked the President to maintain a low profile in the debate, arguing that his direct involvement would make it difficult for Republicans to continue working with Democrats. Obama has largely complied with that request, steering clear of statements or events that would be perceived as partisan.

In a rebuke to Republican critics of the bill who have argued that the bill isn’t strong enough on border security, the President stated that this bill represents the biggest commitment to border security in the nation’s history. “I know there is a lot of talk about border security, so let me repeat: Illegal crossings are near their lowest level in decades,” Obama said. “And if passed, the Senate bill as currently written and as hitting the floor would put in place the toughest border enforcement plan that America has ever seen. So nobody is taking border enforcement lightly as part of this bill.”

The President also sought to rebut claims that the 13-year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants amounted to an amnesty program. He said immigrants would need to learn English, undergo background checks and go to the back of the line, behind individuals who applied to enter the country legally. “This is no cakewalk, but it is the only way to make sure the people who are here are playing by the same rules.”

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