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Murray Osorio PLLC specializes in defending immigrants who face the possibility of deportation or removal from the United States. Our deportation defense attorneys can provide the legal representation and guidance needed during such a stressful and difficult time. Call us at 800-929-7142 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

When deportation or removal proceedings are initiated, they typically begin with a Notice to Appear (NTA), which is a charging document that sets out the allegations or basis for deportability/removability. The NTA may be based on unlawful presence or a specific act, such as a criminal conviction, and it is essential to have an experienced immigration attorney evaluate your case and options.

Usually, after the NTA is served, the court sends a Notice of Hearing, which specifies the date and time for the first court appearance known as the Master Calendar Hearing. During this initial hearing the Judge typically discusses pleadings, deadlines, and other non-substantive issues and may set the final trial date known as the Individual Merits Hearing. The Immigration Judge is responsible for ensuring that the respondent understands the nature of the proceedings and allegations, and if the respondent has not retained counsel at this point, the Immigration Judge may continue the case to allow time to retain counsel.

The Individual Merits Hearing is the proceeding where the Immigration Judge considers the merits of an individual immigrant’s case, which may involve legal arguments, applications for relief from removal, and testimony from the respondent and other witnesses. Finally, in most cases, the Immigration Judge issues the final decision during an Individual Merits Hearing. Our immigration attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent you in these complex and challenging proceedings.