Breaking the Silence: Benjamin Osorio's Advocacy Featured in New York Post

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In a recent article by the New York Post, our very own attorney Benjamin Osorio was highlighted for his relentless pursuit of justice in immigration cases. The story sheds light on the plight of Deon Jones, a mother facing deportation after years of legal battles, as reported by the Daily Beast.

Jones, whose son, NFL star Neville Hewitt, publicly condemned ICE's actions, was detained upon her return to the US for an immigration hearing. Despite hopes for her release with an ankle monitor, she found herself in the custody of ICE upon landing, a heartbreaking situation made worse by the lack of explanation or communication.

Benjamin Osorio, representing Jones, had worked tirelessly to secure alternatives to detention, only to face the harsh reality of bureaucratic setbacks. His efforts, echoed by Hewitt's poignant statements, underscore the human toll of immigration policies and enforcement actions.

At Murray Osorio, we stand committed to defending the rights of individuals like Deon Jones, navigating complex legal landscapes with empathy and expertise. As advocates for immigration justice, we urge those in similar situations to reach out for support and guidance.

If you or a loved one are facing immigration challenges, don't hesitate to contact Murray Osorio. Our team is here to provide personalized solutions and compassionate representation.

For more information on the case mentioned above, you can read the full New York Post article here.

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