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Tania Sanchez

Contracts Specialists

Tania is an experienced Client Services Specialist with over 7 years of experience in customer service. She has a specialized skill set in providing technical assistance to clients on various products and services. Tania is also responsible for maintaining client records and documenting processes, as well as managing client inquiries through various channels like phone, email, online, or in person. Tania's positive attitude and tireless energy make her a powerful force in the workplace. She constantly encourages her colleagues to work hard and succeed. Tania was born and raised in New York to parents who immigrated from Guatemala and Colombia. This inspired her to enter the field of immigration work to help others facing similar obstacles to her parents. Currently, Tania is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology from Empire State College. In her free time, Tania likes to run Spartan races, work out, eat wings, and binge-watch TV shows and movies.